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Reduce Your Pain

Therapeutic Services

Private Yoga Therapy


A One-On-One Therapeutic Movement Program 

Designed Specifically For Your Needs

Learn About Your Posture, Range of Motion & How To Improve 

Function, Core Stability & Strength


Great for Chronically Stiff People 

Chair, Bench, Pilates Machine or Massage Table Available 

if You Can't Get  Down or Up Off the Floor Easily

No Yoga Experience Needed!

Your Physical Condition and Age Are Not a Limit

Yogalates Gentle Stretching Classes



Private and Small Group Stretch Classes For Body, Soul & Senses


This Class Is a Therapy-Based  Blend of Yoga & Pilates Stretching 

Called 'Yogalates' (Pronounced Yoga "Lot-Eez"), This Class Offers Gentle 

Yoga Poses, Pilates Stretches, Breath Focus, Mindfulness, Soft Music, and Optional Aromatherapy to Create a Sensory Experience 

Along with a Full Body Stretch 


Great For People Who Are Stiff, Recovering From Injury, Surgery or Illness, or Who Are Out of Shape and Want To Start Adding Activity Slowly

MIndful Activity Classes



Learn a Mindful and Relaxing Activity 

While Being Present in Body and Breath

Classes in Pine Needle Basket Making, Meditative Doodling, Ancient Practices for Good Hygiene 

and More!

Classes Can Be Created for Your Group 

of Friends, Co-workers and Family

All Classes Led in Studio #18 Across the Hall 

Reducing Pain & Stiffness

Meggen Wright, C-IAYT, RYT, Reiki Healer


My Passion is Teaching Quality Living

 No matter what your age or what health ailments or disease you have,YES, IT IS POSSIBLE to live more comfortably!


I Feel Your Pain!

My body has been injured, a lot. 

Falls, a car accident and sports left me with chronic pain that started 30 years ago.  Yoga and movement therapy helped me so much that I love to share effective methods for healing and pain management with anyone who suffers like I did.

Yoga Therapy

YES! You Really CAN Move Better at Any Age!

I am a Certified Yoga Therapist 

(through the International Association of Yoga Therapists) and a Registered Yoga Teacher (through the National Yoga Alliance). 

I've been teaching therapeutic yoga and movement programs in health care clinics, fitness centers, yoga studios, retreats, workshops, businesses and private sessions for over 13 years with great results!

Are You in Pain? Stiff? Experiencing Chronic Illness or Disease?


No matter what your age or what health ailments or disease you have,YES, it is possible to live more comfortably!

Feel Like Your Best Self!

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