Hi, I'm Meggen!

My Personal Story...


I became a Certified Yoga Therapist and registered yoga instructor because 

I felt deeply compelled to share the techniques and positive habits I learned to reduce my own chronic pain and have more comfort, balance and quality 

in my own life.

Helping people to become more mind-body aware, and how to move and breathe better without unnecessary tension and strain, is a wonderful experience to witness!

No matter what your age or ailment, your body has an incredible innate ability to heal itself when given 

the appropriate stimulus. 

My personal story 

is my greatest testimony!

How I Found Yoga . . .


The 'seed of yoga' was planted for me in a very unexpected way. . . through my own chronic pain. 

This is a side-view image of how my neck (cervical spine) now looks after dozens of years of impact traumas. The natural "C" shaped curve that my cervical spine used to have is now gone. Without a curve to act as a shock absorber, my 'flat spine' contributes to a long list of pain and tension symptoms all over my body.

I was introduced to the vast world of yoga and movement therapy, and many other holistic health care options, as a result of my desperation to get out of chronic pain. 

My pain was a result of falling off a horse as a child and several hard falls as an adult. The falls contributed to herniated disks in my lumbar spine. Further pain was caused by a car accident that left me on short-term disability for months with accompanying nerve damage and shoulder pain that affect me to this day. But all of my pain 

affects me significantly less than it might thanks to the therapies 

I have learned from some incredibly knowledgeable teachers in the 

US and Canada.

It's ALL Connected . . .


Before I started getting hurt, I believed that what was going on in my mind had nothing important to do with what was going on in my body. I looked at myself like I was two separate parts that didn't interact but lived in the same 'house.'  . . .

Like roommates that don't talk 

to each other! 

I genuinely and sincerely  THANK MY PAIN now for forcing me to learn about how the mind and body really do work as 

a cohesive team.


Before my traumas, I never would have realized how powerful the mind and body are when they are given the proper stimulus to heal. 

Although I will never be totally without pain because of my altered anatomy, I have a significantly better life of balance, peace, ease and comfort thanks to yoga and movement therapy.

My Training & Experience

Helping you reduce your pain and stress, or better manage an illness, injury or disease is what I am passionate about!



As a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) since 2006, I have extensive experience teaching over 500 

gentle and therapeutic yoga classes, meditation and private sessions in health clinics, fitness centers, businesses, workshops and private retreats.      

 In addition to my diverse yoga and movement training and experience, I have over 30 years of corporate customer service experience. 

Working in the fast paced, high demand corporate world has allowed me to build solid interpersonal skills, and a deep respect for quality, punctuality, and professionalism. 

I would be honored to help you learn to reduce pain and live more comfortably the way nature intended.




C-IAYT - Certified Yoga Therapist -  International Association of Yoga Therapists
YogaLife Institute (Exeter, NH) - Yoga Therapy Training Program  
YogaFit (various locations including Boston MA, Manchester NH, Reston VA) - Teacher Training Program
National Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher   
Anatomy Trains with Tom Myers (MA): Yoga, Fascia and the New Anatomy   
Functional Synergy with Susi Hately (Alberta, Canada): Kinesiology & Yoga Therapy Intensive   
Functional Synergy with Susi Hately (Alberta Canada): Anatomy of Sun Salutations

Functional Synergy with Susi Hately: Monthly Live Coaching
Trauma, Yoga and Healing - Innerpeace Healing Arts C.E.U (Dover NH)
Introduction to Ayurveda  - Portsmouth Hospital C.E.U (NH)
Healing with Crystals - Portsmouth Hospital C.E.U. (NH)
Chakra Energy Balancing - Portsmouth Hospital C.E.U. (NH)
YogaFit for Kids (NH)
YogaFit for Seniors (VA)
YogaFit for Pregnancy  (MA)
Usui Reiki - First and Second Degree - River of Light Energy Healing (Lee NH)
Reiki for Dogs - Nikoe Natural Therapies (Stratham NH SPCA)


Dr. Ken George and Associates, P.A. Chiropractic Clinic (Stratham NH)- Yoga Therapist

Riverglen Assisted Living  (Littleton NH) - Resident Group and Private Therapeutic Yoga Instructor
Gentle Currents Acupuncture Center (Greenland NH) - Yoga Therapist
Loon Mountain Club Resort (Lincoln NH)- Yoga Class Instructor
Curves Gym for Women (Rye, NH)- Therapeutic Yoga Class Instructor
Frederick Athletic Club (Frederick MD) - Yoga Class Instructor
Isle of Shoals Star Island Retreat Center (Offshore Rye NH)- Wellness Retreat Assistant
YogaLife Institute (Exeter NH)- Substitute Group Class Instructor
Mill Yoga Studio (Newmarket NH)- Wellness Workshop Presenter
Corporate Businesses (MD, NH) - Yoga Class Instructor for Office Stress
Private Residences (MD, DC, VA, NH, ME) - Yoga Therapist

Canine Reiki Volunteer - SPCA

Patient Reiki Volunteer - Littleton Regional Hospital

Community Service


Hospitals - Reiki for Patients

Animal Shelters - Reiki for Dogs 

Senior Care Centers - Therapeutic Yoga


Giving Back is My Duty