~ Complimentary Consultations:

 Your success in feeling better depends so much on your confidence and connection to your therapist.  Since I have hired many healthcare providers for my own needs over the years, 

I fully understand how important it is to have trust and connection. 

~ Private Therapeutic Yoga:



This once weekly, 6-week learning program helps to plant the seeds of mind-body connection and self-awareness in how your body moves and responds to stimuli.  

The Foundation for learning how to use the 7 principles of pure movement, combined with therapeutic stretches, exercises, and various ways of breathing and thinking, to reduce or manage your pain, tension and stress. 

Session 1 is 75-90 minutes. Sessions 2-6 are 60 minutes.


 This once weekly, 5-week integration program will focus on growing your self-awareness skills from the Planting Program and further integrating the pure movement principles into your nervous system. Integration of 3 key factors is the formula for reducing, better managing or eradicating pain with lasting results:

  • How the body moves by design
  • How the body innately heals
  • How the brain works with healing 

No matter what your age, or what health ailments you have...  yes ... 

it IS possible to live more comfortably!  

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Private & semi-private ...  gentle, mindful stretching classes for body & soul.

This unique class blends simple traditional yoga poses, Pilates stretches, breath focus, soft music, & therapeutic grade aromatherapy to create a sensory experience with a careful full body stretch. Great for people who are stiff, recovering from injury, surgery or illness, or who are out of shape ... and want to start activity slowly. 

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~ Mindful Activity Classes:

Fully embrace the present moment with sensory awareness & hand-eye activity. 

All classes are designed to engage our six senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste and intuition)

while engaging in a physical hand-eye coordination activity...

Doodle with intention, make a pine needle basket, and create safe home cleaners and body care with essential oils.  

All classes bring awareness to posture, breathing, and your environment through the senses.

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3-5 Person Yogalates Six Week Series $90 pp

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2 Person Yogalates Six Week Series $120 pp

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1 Person Private Yogalates Six Week Series $240

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The Planting Program


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Private Yoga Therapy (Stage One) - 6 Weeks

The Growing Program


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Private Yoga Therapy (Stage Two) - 5 Weeks

Yogalates Class Request Form

Please See Class Choices Below

Class Choices

MON: 4:00  / TUES: 7:30 am, 9:00, 10:30, 12:00, 1:15  / WED: 2:30  /  THUR: 9:15  /  FRI: 2:00 


* Please Submit  TWO  Class Day & Time Preferences  


* Which Class Size You Prefer (Private, 2 People, or, 3-5 People). 

I Will Do My Best to Accommodate You. 

Classes May Expand in the Near Future... Please Check Back!  

* Once Class Availability is Confirmed, Please Return to This Page to Pay for Your Series 

Ahead of Class. THANK YOU!

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Making the Decision to Start

Your comfort with the programs I offer and our working relationship 

are a very important first step in your decision.

I welcome your questions! 

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Real People, Real Feedback

Results Seen by Chiropractors


" The Doctors in our clinic confidently referred patients to Meggen ranging in age from their early 20s up to their 90's, and experiencing a host of complex medical conditions. Meggen thoroughly and carefully supported each of their unique medical conditions.

I definitely saw a reduction in my patients' compensatory patterns and a more positive state of mind."

Dr. Ken George, DC
Dr. Ken George and Associates, P.A.
dba NH Chiros
Stratham, NH

Results Seen by Acupuncturists


" I have seen a considerably faster decrease in pain and inflammation symptoms when Meggen and I both treated my patients during the same care plan timeframe. 

Providing complementary therapies with a 'team-care' approach for clients is an outstanding, well-rounded Naturopathic healthcare service for people seeking an effective and lasting way
to feel better faster." 

Lisa Rothermich, Lic.Ac.
Director, Gentle Currents Acupuncture Clinic
Greenland, NH

Adjunct to Traditional Medical Care


" As a profession, we have been pleased
at the response of doctors who say
"I don't have the time and resources to address the
real underlying stressors for my patients"  
"I didn't know yoga therapy addressed so many layers of mind-body health"

Yoga Therapists are knowledgeable in the language of various health professions and can seamlessly assist the patient's current team of health care advisors."

Julie Rost, C-IAYT
Director, YogaLife Institute
Exeter, NH

The Medical Community

The Medical Community


The traditional medical community is embracing the positive results of yoga and movement therapy more than ever thanks in great part to powerful clinical research studies. 

I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your current health care providers to ensure you have the best possible adjunct care using my therapy programs.

Clinical Research


To help you get started in learning about the extensive research that has been conducted on the vast health benefits from yoga, organizations such as the NIH, NCCAM, NCCIH, Kennedy Krieger Institute and Elsevier Science Direct are great resources.

Mindful Activity Classes

doterra essential oils

Essential Oils for Health & Home

Learn about Mother Nature's powerhouse for supporting body and mind health, and reducing toxic chemicals in your home and office. This class includes a beverage and snack using essential oils, plus a make-it-and-take-it choice of: an all purpose surface cleaning product 

OR an aromatic body scrub.


Mindful Activity Class


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Any Class Above

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3 people are needed to book a class. Please share with your friends, family or co-workers and reach out when you are ready!

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