Why Yoga Therapy?

Yoga and Movement Therapy Integrate Ancient Yoga-Based Techniques for Maintaining Mind-Body Health with Western Medical and Psychological Knowledge to Improve your Quality of Life in a Lasting Way.

Self-Awareness Education

Through yoga therapy, you can learn how your body and brain communicate (coupled with compensations, tension and stress that contribute to pain) so that you can learn to reduce your pain triggers. Your body will move better and you'll feel better overall.

Medical Community Support

Yoga therapy has the medical community's attention as a viable adjunct to clinical and/or psychotherapy care to further ease pain and reduce suffering. Studies from organizations such as the NIH, NCCIH, NCCAM, Kennedy Krieger Institute and Elsevier Science Direct show that yoga therapy may also augment the efficacy of traditional health care treatments.

The Therapeutic Approach

Your Mind-Body Connection Holds the Key To Relief

Through the principles of pure movement, mindfulness techniques, gentle and therapeutic exercises, and mind-body calming methods, you will learn more keenly to feel what is happening in your body when you move, and what your brain is doing to contribute to how you move. You'll become more skilled in recognizing your body's signals that lead to pain, so you can proactively reduce or remove pain and your chances of injury or reoccurrence.

The combination of these approaches has the medical community talking favorably about yoga therapy's efficacy in easing or eradicating chronic pain and managing symptoms from injury, surgery, and disease.

Reducing pain is about becoming skillfully aware of how to cultivate calm and stillness so we can listen to what our body is communicating. It is about learning to feel the smaller sensations that creep up when we have pushed ourselves too far. . . it is about knowing what's best for ourselves and how to provide the body and mind with the proper stimuli to facilitate our own healing. . .

I provide an analysis of how your unique body moves, combined with my mind-body education, to help you create purer ways of moving in daily activities that help you feel more comfortable through reduced pain, stiffness, and inflammation.   

Applying the principles of pure movement assists you in moving the way nature intended by reducing interference from compensation patterns that fill in to make up for weakness, instability and immobility. Given the proper stimuli, your body tissue is very pliable and adaptable no matter what your age or health condition. A lasting commitment to the principles you'll learn will give your body the opportunity to heal itself. 

Additionally, I support people with chronic health conditions and disease in reducing stress, anxiety and stiffness using restorative and therapeutic stretching, reiki for relaxation, guided meditation, grounding and energizing breathing exercises, and manifesting techniques to foster a deeper connection to what is most important to you.

Therapeutic Programs